Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Wishes

From all of us at Tadika Sinaran Intelek
We wish you A Happy Mother's day for all the wonderful mothers out there
You have a very special place,  
that no one else can fill......
  because you mean so much to me 
and you know you always will !!!
Happy Mother's day

 For our mommy : Puan Aida, Puan Nazlin, 
                              Mdm Khoo Poh Lian,
                             Puan Yuszinita, Mdm Geetha and 
                            Puan Marina (Harisi is not in the picture)

For our mommy:  Puan Nik Noor Fajariyanti,
                             Puan Amalina and 
                            Puan  Jasmina   
 For our mommy: Puan Kamsiah,Puan Rohayah
                             and Puan Haslinda
For our mommy: Puan Noor Izura, 
                           Puan Normarya  
                           Puan Normaliza
                           Puan Nor Azizah
Puan Zaitun (Dania is not in the picture)
 For our mommy : Puan Juliana
                             Puan Robitah 
                             Puan Nazlin
                            Puan Suhaili

For our mommy : Puan Geniefer, Puan Masnita
                            Puan NoorAida & Puan Marina   

 For our mommy : Mdm Lakshmi
                              Puan Yuszinita
                              Puan Noorhayati
                              Puan Diana

For our mommy: Puan Rabitah
                           Puan Nor Isma
                           Puan Siti Rohani
                          Puan Geniefer

For our mommy: Puan Maslinawati
                           Puan Roariza
                            Mdm Marry
                           Puan Nazzatul

For our mommy: Mdm Lolet Cruz
                           Puan Norhidayati
                           Puan Sharimah

For our mommy: Puan Roariza
                           Mdm Tan Ai Fen
                                        Puan Norlizawati

For our mommy : Puan Anisuhaila
                                 Puan Roslina 
                           Puan Noor Ashikin

For our mommy: Puan Diana
                           Mdm Yong Choi Ping
                                        Puan Rosalind
Puan Norraimie ( Nor Aqma Shuhada is not in the picture)


  The heart of a home is mother 
whose love is warm and true,
And home has always been
" sweet home" 
with a wonderful mother like you


Bitt (double IS) said...

owh thanks a bunch... they are so cute...balik sekolah iskandar terus nyanyi...hahahhaha

pst, happy mothers day to u too puan ros and all mothers in the school :)

ain said...

oh puan ros...I read this blog all the way from Toronto..sedihnya rasa watching Alyna holding the card, as for here, lagi sedih especially when the waitress here handed me bouquet of white carnation due to Mother's Day, and I'm not there to celebrate with Alyna. Thanks for putting up this picture. Really really appreciate that esp when mommy is away due to work commitment :(

Puan Ros @ Sinaranmenu.blogspot said...

Hai Ain and Bitt, the kids are lucky to have a loving mother like both of you.
To Ain, have a safe trip home.
Happy Mother's day

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