Sunday, November 14, 2010

TSI Second Term Parent-Teacher Day (13th Nov 2010)

Today is quite a busy day for Puan Ros and the teachers  at the kindy.We have almost 90% parents turned up for our Parents-Teachers Day. Thank you parents!Your presence showed how you are interested to know about your kid's progress.And it's a very important step for you to take, as you are keeping track on how is your little love one enjoyed and learned through their kindergarten years.Puan Ros would like to apologize to all the parents that are unable to see me yesterday.I have tried to meet as many as I can especially the parents of our 6 years old class .
To those that did not have a chance to meet I would like to thank you for your unfailing support and understanding.We at TSI are honored to be given a chance to teach and nurture your loved one.I have managed to snap only a few photos of parents and teachers because been too busy in the office.


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